I love sharing my Early Intervention toy guide with you because I’ve had much practice in this area.  Early Intervention is a service that supports families who have babies and young children with developmental delays and disabilities.


Most days you can find me seated crisscrossing apple sauce and playing with a toddler.  I’ve had. Much experience as to what the toy favorites are and what toys help a child with developmentally appropriate practices.


First things first when it comes to toys make sure they don’t make sounds.  Why do you ask?  This is the perfect opportunity for you to model language with your child.  They learn best from watching you!  So make those silly sounds and watch them imitate.


  • Dot paints for EI are a fan favorite. It’s painting and it’s fun.  They can do it all by themselves which makes it even better.  We love to practice color names and say, “dot”, “dot”, “dot” when playing with these.
  • Rainbow-colored sorting bears can teach counting, colors, sorting, more or less, fine motor skills, comparing, and more.
  • These cute little arctic animals are great for this age. You can play hide and seek, which animal is missing, name colors, name animals, peek-a-boo, and say animal sounds.
  • So I’ve played with many different types of pretend food in my day, but the kid you can cut with a pretend knife is always the most fun. This engaging toy can teach so much.  Help your child cut the fruit and then let them do it themselves.  They love the feeling of independence.  This is great for fine motor skills and language building too.  Add a bowl and pretend to mix a fruit salad.
  • Stacking toys are great because you can build a tower and knock it down.The cause and effect is so much fun.  Saying, “boom” when the tower falls down is even more fun!  Clean it up and decide which box fits in which.  This is great for cognitive skills.
  • Farm animals are my favorite animals to introduce because these animals say all the fun sounds!
  • During this stage, I like to introduce play dough. We love singing songs like “roll, roll, roll your dough” while rolling.  There are so many fun things to do with play dough.  I could go on forever.  My favorite part of play dough is it is great for sensory-seeking children.
  • You will always find a shape sorter in my EI bag. Children love to drop the shapes in and see where they have gone.  You can talk about shapes and colors.  It’s great for cognition too.


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