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Learn Through Play

Our classes provide all the curriculum for you. Join class without the guesswork of what to teach your child. Our teacher has over 15 years of experience and has created hands-on, learn-through-play activities with toys that you already have on-hand in your home.


Our program allows your child to learn both with peers and independently. Log in twice a week to join us for live learning fun. Then go at your own pace – on your own time – with a pre-packaged bundle, three times a week.


Play is learning – and learning is play! We champion the whole-child approach – singing, dancing, and play are at the heart of how we explore!

Ashley Ventrice Is The Mind Behind

The Whole Operation.

Ashley is a former early childhood educator who worked as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey public schools and then became a Child Development Specialist in the Early Intervention System once she had her youngest daughter.

Ashley began homeschooling her two daughters during the pandemic. She had joined a group of mothers who began a co-op virtual homeschool group. She then began to teach the co-op’s children virtually and loved it.

She loved the community and support that the families had and wished she had something like this when her daughters were younger. Getting out of the house wasn’t always easy with two children at a young age.

This is when Blooming Buddies bloomed! It was a lifelong dream of hers to own her own business; especially growing up in a household with parents who had a family-owned business.

Children learned best through play and hands-on experiences. She wanted to provide an at-home experience for families that would be low prep and fun but also form a supportive community for mothers.

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