About Us

A Little About Me

I am a mom of two girls and loving it. We enjoy crafting, outdoor activities, animals (2 dogs and a guinea pig) and learning, of course.

I have many years experience with “STEAM”, am a certified preschool through fifth grade teacher, and Child Developmental Specialist. I have taught in the traditional classroom for over 10 years and loved it. Covid lead me to a new learning experience, which I love as much. I would be so happy to have the opportunity to teach your children.

My grandfather always told me I should teach, but I decided to begin my earning years in Fashion as I have a degree in Business Management and Fashion Merchandising. But Grandpa was right my “earning years” turned in to “learning years” as I attained my degree in teaching.

Seeing your children reach their learning, socialization and confidence potential and start their education wanting to learn more is truly reaching my full potential. Thanks, Grandpa! Let’s bloom together!

Our Mission

To foster all areas of development by creating an environment where students will learn through hands-on experiences.  Creating a program that is flexible for families and children to bring into their homes.  Parents can be involved in the process while working alongside their children or sipping a cup of coffee and engaging in their child’s learning experience.

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