Morning Meeting

Morning meetings have so many benefits.  First, it sets the tone for the day and gives your child predictability and routine.  Second, the repletion of doing the calendar daily will teach your child many math and language arts tools.



Children thrive from routine and predictability.  Does your child incessantly ask, “what are we doing today?”  Children like to know what will happen next.  Are they going to the park?  Will they visit grandma?  Will they be going to the library?  Starting your day with the calendar this allows your to talk about the expectations of the day ahead.


When you think of the calendar you may think of numbers, right?  There are so many topics to learn with math.  The correct number order, counting, skip counting, number of days in the week, number of months in the year, number of days in the month, the number before, number after, and place value.  The calendar also teaches many language arts tools too.  Have your child find Wednesday.  “Hmm, what day of the week begins with the “wah” sound?”  Your child will have to look for the beginning “W” sound.


We’d love to hear what you’d do at your morning meeting!


Here are some links to make a calendar like ours:


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Morning Meeting
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