Movement Toy Guide

Movement is so important for your little one’s development.  I like to call it, “let’s get your sillies out” because you can see your child get a boost of energy and not know what to do with it.


Adding movement to your child’s daily activity can increase memory, perception, language, and attention. Movement will help develop different areas in the brain and make neuron connections.


  • Tunnels are an easy way to add movement while inside your home. Tunnels are great to store and pop up when you need them.  Add a ball inside and have your child move it through the tunnel.  Have puzzle pieces at one end of the tunnel so they can move the pieces to the puzzle board and place them in.
  • Let’s go shopping with this adorable shopping cart. Place some pretend food around the house and ask your child to go grocery shopping for you. Have them come back and make a fruit salad together.
  • This wooden Radio Flyer Wagon is perfect to pretend your child is the train conductor and they can put all their stuffed animals aboard.
  • This Little Tykes trampoline is a great item to have in the home for your little one to easily hop on and get their wiggles out.
  • Stepping stones are a great sensory input. The stones are of different heights and textures for little feet to feel.  You can play a fun “the floor is lava” game and have your child jump from stone to stone without touching the floor.
  • The Melissa and Doug cleaning set is so cute and a good tool for your child to help with chores or use during pretend play. You can have them clean up small toys with the dustpan and broom or sweep their toys into a large pile.
  • The Little Tykes mini wagon is fun to use indoors and outdoors too! Your child can take their stuffed animals on a trip and use their imagination to go somewhere special.


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Movement Toy Guide
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