Storage & Organization

To make your days functional storage and organization are key.  Here are a few pieces that are our favorites!


  • Small parts case This vibrant storage case is perfect because its portable and has smaller containers within. We love to store beads, buttons, pom poms, and small parts in these cases.  When doing a specific activity you will pull out one case.  It’s a great way to keep things organized and it’s very functional.
  • Small bins These small bins are perfect for any draw to separate different supplies.
  • Ikea storage bins These bins are perfect for toy storage and even durable enough for sensory play. It serves a dual function, and we love these!
  • Toy storage #1 and toy storage #2 This storage system from IKEA is our go-to storage for our playroom and art room. We love to store our magnetic tiles, Barbies, and LEGOS in these because they fit!
  • Art cart Do you have an art cart? This is a beautiful and bright way to store your art supplies and brighten up your toy room.  We love adding dot paints, crayons, and craft paper for a simple craft.
  • Rolling storage cart This cart is another perfect way to store art supplies and knick-knacks, but have it more hidden.


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Storage & Organization
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